Pieces created by people inspired to turn We Matter messages into art and words

Poem by Zachary Gaudet

“I matter,
Just like you.
We all have goals
And achieve what we can.
You matter,
Just like me.
Struggles are hard
But you are strong!
Life is beautiful.
We matter.

I matter,
Alcohol and abuse sucks.
Family destroyers,
But I am strong.
You matter,
Bullying and bullies suck,
But you are strong!
We matter,
Don’t give up
And keep fighting.

Everyone matters.”

Zachary Gaudet, Edmonton, AB

July 7, 2017 0

Poem by Chas Fiddler

Just Look At The Sky

Look up at the sky
look up at birds fly.
match how it turns into gorgeous
colours, late at night.

When darkness hits
the moon shines.
the stars twinkle,
look at how bright it is.

Just know the sky even cries
no one there for it, but it
still gives us sunshine, it will
never lie.

It tells the truth about life
not everything will be filled with
sunshine but it’s okay to cry.
When you need someone, look up at
the sky.

You can scream at it, but it won’t
get mad at you and still give you sunshine.
Don’t worry, the clouds are just passing by.

By Chas Fiddler, Sandy Lake ON

April 27, 2017 0

Peace & Friendship – Chris

“Women Who Cared.
We sing our songs, We dance, We celebrate,
We speak, We laugh, We hope, We deserve,
We stand for all women and children!
We are proud, We come from everywhere,
We march together, We raise our voices,
We applaud each other, We smile, We hug,
We join hands, We are passionate, We are understanding,
We share our knowledge, We speak our truth,
We don’t give up! We are brave!
We are women and kind-hearted men who march
to make this world a better place
for our children, sister our mothers, our communities”

Peace & Friendship

April 7, 2017 0

Poem from La Ronge – Wanda Venne

In grade 6 Wanda wrote this poem. Since then, she has lost a close friend to suicide. It is shared now to reach out to other girls who may have similar feelings, so that you know you are not alone. We can cope and heal together.


I’m just a girl.
I love being called pretty, but I’ll never believe it.
I’m not always right, I hate being wrong.
I’m almost always smiling, but its not always real.
I can’t be read like an open book, but I hide so much.
I work hard at things, but I don’t always get what I deserve.
I’m just a girl.

-Wanda Venne

La Ronge, Saskatchewan

November 2, 2016 0

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