I Matter. You Matter. We Matter.

We Matter is a national multi-media campaign designed to gather positive messages from people across the country, to offer support for Indigenous youth going through a hard time.

This is your website. We hope you will WATCH the videos, SHARE your own, VIEW our art and stories – and most importantly, we hope you pass this forward to others and help these messages reach those in need.



Join Indigenous youth across the nation taking the #HopePact!


The strength of We Matter comes from the voices of our community, and from the time, effort, and donations of people like you.
Get to know more about We Matter and our purpose.
Our work is funded by your contributions and support.
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Pieces created by Indigenous youth, or people inspired by our campaign, to take the messages of We Matter and turn it into art.


Stories or poems from Indigenous peoples, young and old, on overcoming obstacles and hopelessness.

SMVS La Ronge
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The building and launch of this campaign has been possible thanks to the generous support of RBC as well as our many partners and supporters.


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