My name is Nathaniel Broadbent I prefer to go by Natu. I’m 15 years old and live in a small community called Manitou Rapids. Compared to where I live now I use to live in a southern city called London Ontario I lived there all my life however I do not remember over half of my life only small little glimpses of good things that happened but I believe it’s good I don’t remember the bad parts the only reason I lived in London was because my father was a victim of the sixties scoop and my dad was adopted to a British family in Timmins Ontario and my father was actually on his way to Sarnia Ontario for a job and met my mom in Strathroy Ontario and they pretty much stuck with each other forever still together this day my mom was a big change in his life my dad has been looking for his birth family for 38 plus years and found his mother 5 years ago and their first time meeting was the first time his mother has ever touched him after 30 something years of not knowing if he was alive until 2015 when she got an email saying her son was trying to find where his mother is and if she was still alive but now after a few years my whole family moved up to Manitou Rapids.